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Four days, doing 10 times better!!!

I'm doing better, only a four day gap between the last entry... Well that doesn't say much from the last one where it went from 1 week difference to a 4 week gap. At least i'm doing a bit better.

Reason why I'm writing? Its the information age, no one wants to send out cards via snail mail, nor meet up. Well not as often on the latter because of conflicting schedules. I'd figure this is a good way. Since myself doesn't really keep a traditional journal and just keep all my calculations and life notes in my current journal. (of which, I tell everyone, If I ever go missing, find my blue and green journal, you will find me, because I record almost everything in the that thing) Plus it keeps me off of World of Warcraft

A lot of my friends who are in college now, despite the age or the maturity levels of life issues, still write in someway or form. I just need to keep this up. At least, I need to re-learn to slow down my thoughts, because my typing can't keep up most of the time, and I end up with gaps in my sentences.

/being morning rant (LJ better not think this is some coding for a rant, or at least cut out the first part.)

Ever since they took away the business parking lot for the the new grad dormitories, garage traffic has been horrendous. Took about near 20 min to bypass the normal signal and outlaying parking lot traffic. I should have left an hour early to make it to class. No one wants to park as where no one would park normally and everyone is so acrophobic, they want to park as close to the ground as possible. The traffic for the second gates was so bad, they said screw it and opened the second set so no one would have to sit through verifications and the such. I was already coming late 10 to my first class. My phone vibration is so loud, because a friend called me after seeing him on the road. When I turned on my compy, the stupid cursed windows start up went off. At least the teacher kinda knows me and just kept going. At least I wasn't in a dress this time, didn't have time. Stupid wireless in my laptop can't pick up anything anymore, unless I'm about 20 feet from a router. There are laptops older than mine and they can pick up the signal. Hopefully the Dell people will fix it.

Music brought to you by Dias De Los Angeles by Del Castillo from the Once Apon a Time In Mexico soundtrack.
(Bitching acoustic solos, you must listen or ask me for a copy, and music thats live that sounds damned good)
Tags: rant, school
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