Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra (avanindra) wrote,
Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra

Post Hurricane

I'm back and I have full power, water and internet at the home, provided we don't get hit with the occasional rolling black out.

Damage Report:
Roof Leaking
Hallway Carpet Damaged
One annoying co-worker's dog to take care of
Running low on gas

If I had the house to myself, I would invite people over. Now, that I have internet and the such, I haven't been greedy. I've been helping people with travel with Houston, where the Points of Distirbution are, checking up on the store, been trying to arrange carpool. I'm still trying to do my good.

Everyone has different communications, Text, Livejournal, Facebook, Myspace... so hard but its good to hear about people still ok.

Gawd I miss work.... I need money for Yaoi-con! >_
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