Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra (avanindra) wrote,
Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra

Sick and getting sicker.

I like the fact I dont get sick.
I hate the fact I dont get sick.

A small sore throat has turned into a prolong cold to where I can't breath for 1/2 a sec at random times. The usual crap, but mixed in with my sleep apena, im waking up every hour during the night and basic functions, such as typing and memory, are affecting me.

What does this mean overall?
High Irritability
High emotional drains which include depression, unwilling to do thing, or don't give a crap emo attitude.
High rate of nodding off to sleep
No intention of eating, thus forcing myself to do so.

Well, sleeping is good.
I was going to go Circuit City but I really don't want to fight traffic and most electronics I can get way cheaper due to the fact I have a friend who works in Fry's.

I apologize to the friends who can read this, as I might seem like an asshole, depressed ranting about things I have for the longest time and there's also apologizes that I can't do anything as I'm forcing myself to stay home and get well because this is one crap ass way to start the new year.

Oh yeah, I dont have internet at the house till tuesday. >_<

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year

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