Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra (avanindra) wrote,
Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra


So people get the spring break on, drink have fun, have sex, discover new kinks and sides of themselves, visit family or even just catch up on the 3 months of not studying.


70 hours of work in about 10 days time. Since last week was my true day off, (no school, or work from either job)

Yeah nice paycheck, but I ask myself constantly, is it worth the health, socalizing or affecting my studies?

Kinda, sometimes, not really are the answers.

Paycheck is nice... but try the pron industry. Largest industry in the world, everyone is perverted enough for it, film for a couple hours and make the money and you have residuals for life. Hell even webcam for a couple people or someone. The hours are easy, all you do is have pleasure. I wouldn't mind being a workaholic in the pron industry. Nice eh?

Anyways, yes.. work... its nice, rewarding but everyonce in a while you wanna say fuck it all and curl up in bed.
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