Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra (avanindra) wrote,
Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra

Hellos Two weeks, and feeling better.

So, its been another two weeks since the last update according the Livejournal Update link. This week has gone fairly well. Sunday at the improv was Christopher Titus. A brand new bit, and nothing of a repeat. His last bit, the 5th annual end of the world tour was about his marriage and his dad. This one was mostly about his divorce and finding his new girl. I could really relate and it helped me get over Tsuki (which I pray who is doing well) a lot more in the past two weeks since the break up and I could laugh about the break up with Chie. After the show, he had some new shirts with the title of his new show, "Love is Evol" I was able to get one of my friends a signed shirt because she was originally was supposed to go to me, but because of the family, she couldn't. Anyways, after I got the shirt, I didn't have anything, so I got Titus to sign my DS ^_^ I have to tape it or something to preserve the signature. Its starting to fade.

Anyways if you haven't really noticed, the update is about 3AM in the morning. No, i'm not bored, I just got back from the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight" The movie was awesome. As I thought the movie was going to end, it kept going, and it wasn't slow anywhere. Again, my opinion. Its worth it in my opinion.

Another reason i'm good in spirits, I got all pretty and dressed up. The group I went with was about 13 people. It was my co-workers from Gamestop, they're loved ones, my managers family, his roommate and two of my co-worker friend's, and one of our guys next door in the donut shop who comes over to chat between on his breaks. They all got to see me dressed up. My manager's girlfriend was excited, intrigued and really cool with me all dressed up. The girls were jealous lol. Well, it was all good. I R Happy. Thats all I can conjure up in my mind for now.

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