Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra (avanindra) wrote,
Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra

Day 2 of School

So Day 2, and I'm still sick.

So error this morning, Apparently I made a payment, but I didn't do it under the payment plan. Whichever monies I did pay, the system didn't drop, which only ended up being 2 out of my 6 classes. Thank goodness I checked this morning to see what time I was supposed to be in class. So, in turn, I did drop a class.
1. So I wouldn't have an overload, jumping from my normal 12 to 18 hours.
2. It conflicted with my work on Monday anyways.

Score is now
UH 1, Yuki 1, Yuki's Sickness 2.

I just have to tell my manager my mornings are going to switch. That is fine with me, get up early in the beginning of the week, then slowly back off and play more towards the end. I hope she can do the same and accompany the schedule switch. I just have to work the rest of next week, then make the switch.
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