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The Rewards is in your fingertips


Yuki, Jonathan, Jennifer Alexia or Avanindra
28 September
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Im a 21 year old college student that goes to University of Houston at the main campus. There are days that i'm not that hard to spot. Just look for dark asian boy that is wearing girls clothing. Yes thats right, i'm a crossdresser. Male to Female. I have the tendacy to refer myself in three persons. Theres me, Jennifer Alexia (my girlish side), and my darker side, Avanindra.

I'm into Japanese based things like music of jrock, jpop. I love reading manga. Im into the lolita fashion. Otherwise, its following the trendy fashion with non brand name clothing. Im cheap like that. Im a DDR player and into other video games. Im just trying to make my money last. Thats it for now that all I can think of.